about us

At Tailors De Pak, our family started crafting quality scrubs nearly 70 years ago. After pioneering the healthcare uniform market, we’ve never stopped seeking out ways to improve it. It’s the main reason why Tailors De Pak has been around for such a long time: we make quality scrubs the right way from the very best materials available. We stand behind every stitch of every garment we make. If it says Tailors De Pak, it’s made to fit and made to last. We’re willing to bet our name on it.

Masood Ul Hassan

“My father, Mohammad Ibrahim, started the business in the 1930s and set up our first shop in Quetta next to Staff College,
After the earthquake in 1935, we located our shop to Bombay (KHAR), then to Karachi right after the partition and have been at the Sarnagti Building since.
At that time, there was no clear concept of Pakistan, We got our name Tailor De Pak as in pak saaf logon ka tailor or a Muslim tailor”. Now we are located in better and a peaceful place near Aga Khan Hospital

Our mission

Tailors De Pak’s mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers and employees based on integrity and a dedication to excellence by offering the highest-quality products, made from premium materials, at a competitive price.Our innovative spirit, state-of-the-art equipment allow us to stay true to our most significant objective – to continually exceed customer expectations

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